How Can I Help A Stray Cat?

Stray cats were once given love and care by a human and can often be rehabilitated again and become your forever friend pet. If you can trap a stray cat then firstly it will need a veterinarian check over for any diseases or conditions picked up over its time in the wild. Stray cats may find it hard to hunt for food as they have been used to being provided with it by a human and so you could make sure that the stray is given fresh food and water every day and once you have gained the trust from the cat, you could start to think about rehoming it if possible.

What Is A Feral Cat?

A Feral cat is the real definition of a wildcat and spends its life searching for food and shelter wherever possible in the outdoors. These cats can be virtually impossible to trap, which will be needed if you see that the cat is injured and needs veterinarian help. It is very difficult to get a feral cat to love a human as this is not a treatment that they have ever known, however, we are not saying that it is impossible!

Veterinarian treatment for a feral cat can be hard to administer. Among animal recovery groups, it would be ideal to use the TNR method (Trap, Neuter & Return) to stop these reproducing at such a high level and causing more and more feral cats left out in the wild to reproduce at an alarming rate. Neutering also reduces the risk of cancer in cats due to the weight gain.

The Difference Between A Stray Cat And A Feral Cat.

A stray cat will have once come from a home and with the love of a human and looked after including regular veterinarian check ups. They become stray when then either get lost or have been abandoned for whatever reason. A feral cat, however, is one that has been born into the wild and has never experienced the love of a human and therefore never relies on food or shelter provided by them. To convert a feral cat into a house cat would be near on impossible, experts believes, as a cat needs to learn to trust a human which can prove very difficult when they will not usually go near.

In winter time, a stray cat may find it difficult to survive. These cats have relied on human care since being born and so have not learnt how to fend for themselves in the wild. They are not as observant as feral cats especially when it comes to hunting for food or even of the dangers of dogs, cars or cruel human beings. During the freezing cold winter months, cats need a little more food and water as the extra body weight will help towards keeping them warm. If you have a stray near you then pop into your nearest veterinarian for advice.

This Cute Cat Looking For Someone To Trust

Can Feral Or Stray Cats Be Tamed?

Feral cats defend for themselves and do not trust humans and so it is believed that to tame this kind of cat cannot be done, although if food and water are provided for them, they will return for the helpings. Stray cats, however, have once been in the human company and once they receive again human care, they could become your pet for life.

Veterinarian advice and help are always necessary before approaching a feral or stray cat. There is always plenty of advice on what you should do and what to expect from the behaviour of both. Volunteers and donations will always be welcome in your local area where there are colonisations of cats needing food, care and shelter especially throughout the colder months. If these cats can be caught and neutered then at least the risk of mass reproduction is avoided which only adds to the needs for further help.

Adoption Is By Far Better than buying! Adopt A Cat Looking To Be Reloved!

There are so many abandoned cats found and left in shelters that would be perfect to adopt. These cats could spend many months or years without the freedom that they love. Cats are very territorial and want that special place that they can call home. Remember that these cats have already had veterinarian treatment and have been used to having human treatment in the shelters, but nothing compares to having cuddles with a family who truly cares.