Health And Care

Before you bring your furry family companion home, there are some important things that you will want to consider. Routine health and care checks are essential, and your cat should have an examination every year, with kittens needing to see the Vet once a month if they are under four months old. These visits will cover all the essential things from vaccinations and dental care to grooming and nutrition.

Grooming For A Healthy Coat

Although cats groom themselves all the time, they still need a helping hand from you sometimes. Routine brushing will remove old hair and avoid matting. It can also reduce the amount of hair that your cat ingests, preventing hairballs. Most cats love it, so start straight away to get your cat used to the process, as part of your health and care routine.

Vaccinations And Parasite Control

Regular vaccination is key to your cat’s good health and will help to protect it from most serious diseases. There are several that are routinely used against common infectious illness, which will usually include the panleukopenia and herpesvirus vaccines. There may also be others that your Vet recommends for your region and circumstance, for instance, the feline leukaemia virus. These are usually given once every year to provide continuous protection for your pet.

Fleas, ticks and internal parasites can also be a problem for your cat, and they will need to be regularly treated. Common parasites can include roundworms and tapeworms, which can be passed down from the mother, or picked up from infected prey. Fleas and ticks are very common and can sometimes cause adverse reactions. Cats are much more sensitive to insecticides than dogs, so your Vet will recommend a good regular treatment to keep your pet safe.

Safety In The Home

You will also want to ensure that your new furry friend is protected from any hazards in your home. These include any pesticides and cleaning supplies that you might have in the kitchen. Curious cats can chew on anything, so also beware of electrical cords or any houseplants that may be poisonous. They are very sensitive to many common medications, including aspirin and cold remedies, so always keep your medicine cabinet locked. A few simple health and care measures will keep your cat happy and safe.

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